Learning about Language名師教學設計1

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Book4 Unit2

Learning about language教學設計

Teaching aims:


Review the content of reading 2.

Learn some useful phrases and sentence patterns Teaching points: 1.

Learn some useful expressions 2.

How to use the

phrases and sentence patterns correctly Teaching difficulty: how to grasp some useful sentence patterns Teaching steps: Task1

Fill in the blanks about the content of reading part.

Yuan Longping,who grows what is called

___1____hybrid rice,was born into a poor

farmer’s family in 1930.When he was young, he found hunger was a ____2____

problem in

many parts of the countryside. So he searched for a way to increase rice harvests without ____3_____ the area of the fields.

In 1974,he became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice that has a high


. This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. ___5___

his research,the UN has more tools in the ___6___to rid the world of hunger.Yuan Longping is quite___7___with his life. He feels being famous gives him less ____8____to do his research, and he also cares little about money;


, he gives millions of yuan to


others for their research in agriculture.

Task 2

Key language points from the text. ①

Mr Wu is a kind and funny man, with_____ I work happily. ②

Dr Yuan is the first scientist _______(invent) the hybrid rice. ③

Hybrid rice makes it possible for people ______________.(擺脫饑餓) ④

________(work) the land to do research is Dr Yuan's favorite thing. ⑤

__________(search for) better strain of rice,Dr Yuan has carried out many experiments. ⑥

I hope you can finish the paper without___________(look up) words in the dictionary ⑦

________(equip) with electric teaching equipment, our classroom looks modern now.

Growing hybrid rice leads to harvest_________________before.(以前的兩倍多)

Task 3 Show the good handwriting of the students’ and encourage them to write well.

Task 4 language points 1 In the past two decades, great changes ______________(take place) in my hometown. 2 譯:使用化肥會對土壤和人的健康造成損害。(cause damage to) Using chemical fertilizers can cause damage to the soil and people's health 類似:do harm to

(譯) 長時間使用電腦會對眼睛造成損害。

3 lead to A.Setting off fireworks carelessly_______(lead to) big fire in the mountain. 1

B. The path_________(lead to) the park is surrounded with trees and flowers. 4.改錯

When I was the first to make a speech, I was very nervous to speak. ②

After teaching for many years, he turns to do business. 5. focus on


focus one's attention/mind on--- Our discussion focused on ___________________________(如何保護環境). 6. keep ---free from = protect ---from---使…免受(影響;傷害等) Animal's waste can keep the soil free from_____________(pollute). 7. prevent/stop ---(from) doing keep---from doing 阻止…做--- avoid doing

避免--- ①No one can prevent the plan form _____________(carry out). ②

Eating organic food can avoid___________(suffer from)terrible diseases.

Task 5


Do the exercises of the language points in the reference book.(Page25-28)


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